This release is focused on some minor fixes, and a quality of life feature for providers.

New Features:

  • #105 - View and edit subrecords
    Health concerns and notes can be edited from the Child and Guardian, without going to another page

Minor changes:

  • #114 - Emergency spelled wrong on the guardian
  • #118 - Payment type not saved, always defaulted to 'cash'
  • #119 - Fix labels for Check In By and Check Out By on attendance
  • #120 - Show the primary phone number for each guardian on the client page, instead of the relationship
  • #124 - Changed the client list to sort alphabetically

Stay tuned for our next release, with a spectacular way to enter all those paper attendance records!

Kevin Fines,


Born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan I am married with 2 children one boy and one girl.


Along with my fellow co-founders I have family members that have been in the child care field.  I really liked the concept of creating a low cost and easy to use program to do all the day to day daycare tasks.