Version 1.9.1 - Feature release

This release has enhancements for providers with multiple centers, and a incident report that lines up to the Saskatchewan incident report.

Major Features

  • #271 Indicate current provider on each screen


  • #209 Incident Revamp

Incidents have been enhanced to work with the Saskatchewan Minor Injury Report. Enter the information on our form:


Mark the injuries on a line drawing:


And sign the document: (If you don't sign it here, it prints out with room to sign and date!)


Within the incident, we also link to the Injuries/Unusual Occurrence Report that is required if the child goes to hospital or sees a physician.

Once you are all done, save a copy as a PDF to email or print: Sample PDF

Visit our support portal at to learn more.

Minor Changes and fixes

  • #267 Move Todo List above Check In/Out Board
  • #270 Date picker on Add Child page now shows current year

Version 1.7.10 - Minor release

Minor changes and fixes

  • #264 - Set all missing check outs
    Pick the appropriate time, and tap 'Set All'. Each attendance records will be updated to have a sign out time.


  • #263 - Reduced white space on the Saskatchewan Child Care Attendance Report
    Each page now fits 7 children (up from 5), with minor format changes.