Our major feature for this release is the Bulk Input for Attendance. This feature greatly simplifies entering an entire month's worth of attendance at one time, and is ideal for entering the information you already have on a paper form.

New features:

  • #127 - Bulk input for attendance
    Enter an entire month of attendance for multiple children, all on one screen. Perfect for bringing in your paper records!

Bulk Attendance.png

Minor changes:

  • #122 - Add list of incidents on child details

This release is focused on some minor fixes, and a quality of life feature for providers.

New Features:

  • #105 - View and edit subrecords
    Health concerns and notes can be edited from the Child and Guardian, without going to another page

Minor changes:

  • #114 - Emergency spelled wrong on the guardian
  • #118 - Payment type not saved, always defaulted to 'cash'
  • #119 - Fix labels for Check In By and Check Out By on attendance
  • #120 - Show the primary phone number for each guardian on the client page, instead of the relationship
  • #124 - Changed the client list to sort alphabetically

Stay tuned for our next release, with a spectacular way to enter all those paper attendance records!