Version 1.10.0 - Architecture release

This release is largely focused on changes behind the scene, with a few feature updates thrown in for good measure.

Minor changes and fixes

  • #268 Wait list improvements

Most visible is the style revamp, so you can view most information without leaving the list. We've also streamlined the process of adding clients to this list, send them a confirmation email (and being able to see if they accepted or declined), and conversion to a client.


Notes and multiple children show much cleaner as well:


You can request the wait list client to confirm or cancel their place on the waitlist, they recieve an email similar to this:


  • #284 Improved support for providers with multiple centers
    If your user has multiple locations, you can now keep tabs open in as many as you want. Open up a dashboard for each center to keep an eye on things!


  • #286 Standardized on a single date format

Architectural changes behind the scene are preparing us for a better authentication system,  simple switching between multiple providers, and the possibility of a parental phone app.

Version 1.9.1 - Feature release

This release has enhancements for providers with multiple centers, and a incident report that lines up to the Saskatchewan incident report.

Major Features

  • #271 Indicate current provider on each screen


  • #209 Incident Revamp

Incidents have been enhanced to work with the Saskatchewan Minor Injury Report. Enter the information on our form:


Mark the injuries on a line drawing:


And sign the document: (If you don't sign it here, it prints out with room to sign and date!)


Within the incident, we also link to the Injuries/Unusual Occurrence Report that is required if the child goes to hospital or sees a physician.

Once you are all done, save a copy as a PDF to email or print: Sample PDF

Visit our support portal at to learn more.

Minor Changes and fixes

  • #267 Move Todo List above Check In/Out Board
  • #270 Date picker on Add Child page now shows current year