Version 1.7.5 - Feature release

New feature

  • #208 Allow custom grouping of children for the sign in/out dashboard

Our original dashboard shows all the children in alphabetical order, and looks great when you have less than 20 children in your daycare:


For centers with many children or anyone who wants a little more organization, we've added the little gear icon in the top right of the in/out board. Clicking it brings up this page:


Turn on the new Groups feature, add as many groups as you want. Perhaps you'd like to see those in your before & after school program.


Drag and drop children between groups. Add as many groups as you want, order them how you want.


These groups are saved with your user (and we allow multiple user accounts for free!). Set up your downstairs tablet with only the older children. The tablet in the Pre-K area with just those children. Show every child on your manager's screen.

Minor changes and bugfixes:

  • #154 - Use street address if no mailing address is available for invoices
  • #156 - Reduce size of breadcrumbs
  • #185 - Optimized storage size of signatures, faster report PDF generation


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