Kids Love Paperwork

We don't.

MyDaycareOnline is simple
to use, affordable, and
tailored for your business.

We work with day homes, daycare centers, and early childhood educators to create a system that works. Our online solution is focused on reducing the amount of time that you spend doing paperwork. Track attendance, handle invoicing, record expenses, and create reports on any device, any time.

Introduction Video

Watch a 4 minute video demonstrating the basics of MyDaycareOnline, including attendance, invoicing, and the dashboard.

Child Attendance Tracking

Quick and easy child attendance tracking. Tap on the child to check them in or out, creating accurate records for invoices and reporting. See exactly who is here at a glance. Built in tool tips show medical conditions or additional notes for each child.

Dashboard with Check In and Check Out Lists


Create invoices and receipts for your clients. Email or print with ease. Bill by the hour, day, month, or something in between. MyDaycareOnline automatically calculates from the attendance tracking, but gives you the freedom to override as needed.

Expense Tracking

Running your Dayhome or Daycare can be expensive, from the power bill to food costs. With MyDaycareOnline you can easily input all of your costs and review your expenses at anytime. This can help you track and compare your overall costs on a month to month or year to year review, as well as generate reports for accounting and tax purposes.

Table showing list of common Daycare Expenses.

Wait List

Add clients to a wait list, filling in just the basic information. Optionally send an email to the client allowing them to input their child and contact information. Periodically send confirmation emails to maintain or decline their place on the waitlist. Convert directly to a client with a single click.


You can create attendance reports by child, family or monthly summaries of all children. Monthly income and expense reports on demand.

Email Clients

Email your invoices and reciepts directly to your clients.

Convenient Dashboard

Check your children in and out. View upcoming birthdays.


Set all your daycare's business information. Billing and street addresses, contacts, and all the different rates you use.


No hidden fees, no complicated pricing. Your first 20 children are included, additional packs of 10 are $5/month.

The first month is on us!


Pricing includes taxes where applicable.

Take a test drive of our new Dayhome / Daycare Management Software today. This demo is set up with two locations, each with several children, attendance records and reports.

Access it here at

All data on the demo is reset daily, so you can go ahead and play with any features. Add or remove children, create invoices, try out reports.

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